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We are very pleased that you have decided to join Kerrville Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.  We want to make your assimilation into the squadron as smooth as possible.  We are an Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, so we are organized similarly to an Air Force Squadron.  There are many jobs involved in creating a highly functioning squadron, and Kerrville is pleased to be among the best.

I view each member of the Civil Air Patrol as wearing two hats.  One hat is the one we wear that keeps the doors open and gets all of the jobs done regularly, so we can function efficiently---Administration, Personnel, Communications, Supply, etc.    The second hat is the one we wear when we are tasked to complete a mission---Mission Pilot, Observer, Ground Team, Radio Operator, etc.  We need all hats of both kinds filled with dedicated members.

New members must complete some basic steps to get started and we have many members who stand ready to help you.  Here are your first assignments after your membership application has been processed at our National Headquarters:

  1. Obtain a password on our National Website, e-Services.
  2. Complete the portions of new member training via online work known as “Level One-Foundations”.  This will provide the information needed to understand Civil Air Patrol and to function within the organization.
  3. Complete a few courses that will familiarize you with CAP regulations and processes to get you ready to begin training in a mission specialty.
  4. Accept a staff position in the squadron which means you are now wearing “hat number one”.
  5. Commence training in a mission qualification, which correlates to “hat number two”.
  6. Work with our Education and Training Officer to select a “Specialty Track” that will allow you to commence working toward promotions and more knowledge about the staff position you are filling.
  7. Attendance at meetings and training events allows members to know what is going on, keep the squadron functioning, and gain the training needed to accomplish the missions we are called upon to complete.

We have staff members who are ready to help you, advise you, and lead you through these important initial steps to allow you to become an important contributing member of Kerrville Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol.

Welcome Aboard,

Thomas King
Major, Civil Air Patrol

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