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History of the Alpine Mountain Flying Clinic

     Since 1975 Texas Wing has been training pilots and crew how to fly and navigate in the mountains while searching for clues that would help them to find downed aircraft. In early missions, the members stayed in a large bunkhouse at a dude ranch owned by a CAP member about 40 miles South of Alpine and would be driven to Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport for the training. The bunkhouse had two large rooms with lots of beds. In those days members paid for their fuel for planes and personal vehicles to come take the training. Now the Air Force has taken responsibility for much of the travel costs but the members still have to pay for their billeting. 

     After the 1992 MFC, the training was moved to Fort Stockton, but after a few years, the Texas Wing moved the training back to Alpine because it took more time to complete each mission from Fort Stockton. 

     Over the years others have taken charge of overseeing the training. Lt Col Gwynn Groggle, Lt Col Jack Jackson, and currently Maj George Otto, all of the Kerrville Composite Squadron, have taken the responsibility for making the arrangements with the City of Alpine and the hotel for the mission base as well as setting schedules.  The Kerrville Composite Squadron, TX-442, provides the necessary equipment, training materials, and personnel support and manages and facilitates the mission.  Texas Wing, Group V, has been very helpful by providing computer support for use by the air and ground crews.

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