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Kerrville Squadron History

The Kerrville Squadron was formed Sept 1999 and is comprised of approximately 55 senior and cadet members The squadron operates one Cessna 182 aircraft and has a van for logistical needs.

Original TX-442 Squadron Members

With the closing of the Boerne Hill Country Squadron, the TX442 squadron was changed in 2006 from a Senior Squadron to a Composite Squadron. Major George Otto was appointed as the first Deputy Commander for Cadets with Senior Member Lt Leian Peterson assisting in running the squadron. Three cadets transferred from the Boerne Squadron making the total number of members of the squadron five. The squadron cadets met every Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, at the Fredericksburg Christian School.

Not long after the opening of the squadron an Open House was held to educate the public of the new squadron in Fredericksburg. Information was sent out to surrounding towns, and the first new Basic class of the Fredericksburg operation began with seven cadets, making the total cadet number, ten. The three original cadets taught drill and ceremony, customs and courtesies and proper uniform wear. Senior members from the Kerrville squadron taught classes in Aerospace Education, Moral Leadership, Physical Training, Emergency Services and tested the cadets at the end of their the BCT class, to earn their first achievement, along with assisting the older cadets to advance as well. Senior members also conducted Orientation Flights after all cadets were properly uniformed. By 2008 the squadron had grown to a total of eighteen cadets. As a result of the growth they outgrew the space at Fredericksburg Christian School and moved to Zion Lutheran Church. Then in 2015 the cadets moved to Ingram Middle School.

Since 2008 the number of cadets has grown. The cadets attended outside activities offered by CAP, such as summer and winter Encampment, CTEP (Cadet Training and Education Program), RCLS (Regional Cadet Leadership School). Cadets also participated in Emergency Services attending UDF (Urban Direction Finding) team exercises, and a Statewide SAREX. Cadets attended GSARSS (Ground Search and Rescue Specialty School), Hawk Mountain and Texas Drill Competition. Cadets also attended multiple Glider Academies with two successful Solo Badges earned, Powered Flight Academies, National Aeronautical Programs and the International Air Cadet Exchange.


TX-442 First Four Cadets

Cadets also attended other activities offered by CAP and outside groups. Field trips to Stinson Airport and the Randolph AFB Air Show were big hits. Cadets also worked two community service projects assisting fellow cadets in earning their Boy Scout and Girl Scout awards.

Our first four Cadets: Andy Dickson, Newkirk, Alex Williams, Deacon Peterson are shown at the left.

In 2006 cadets marshaled aircraft for the Experimental Aircraft Air Show Texas fly-in held in Hondo. In 2007 15 cadets worked tirelessly for eight consecutive days launching and recovering over 40 gliders per day in support of the SW Regional portion of the National Glider Association Competition. Gliders from all over the SW United States participated, including two from the U.S. Air Force Academy. As a reward for their hard work, every cadet received a flight in one of the gliders.

Weekend Model Rocketry classes where taught and cadets spent a weekend at the Fredericksburg National Guard Armory practicing basic encampment skills. Cadets learned how to get up early, participate in Physical Training, make beds, proper uniform wear and practiced customs and courtesies used at encampment.

From the start of the squadron, cadets have served in numerous positions at encampment and earned many awards. Cadets have served as guidons, staff members such as Flight Sergeants, PAO, SET team, and Medical Staff. There have been numerous Honor Cadets and shooter awards earned. Through 2012 cadets have earned eight Billy Mitchell Awards, and three Earhart awards.

Commencing in 2007, the cadets participated in the Wreaths across America project which is a national event each December at Veterans Cemeteries across the United States. Wreaths were laid during a ceremony at the Kerrville Veterans Cemetery. The cadets served as a Color Guard for the event and participated as an Honor Guard laying the individual wreaths.

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