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Squadron Patch



Circular Patch – Emblem design for units must be on circular shaped shield or disc per AFI 84-105, Paragraph 3.4. Additionally, a squadron’s motto must be listed on the top rocker of the disc with the squadron’s designator on the bottom rocker.
Motto – The motto of the Kerrville Composite Squadron is “Numquam Cedere” meaning we never quit reflecting our ability to work through the difficulties, courageously, bravely, and with determination make every mission successful.
Unit Designator – The squadron's official designation is "Kerrville Composite Squadron" (TX-442).
1. The hawk is our squadron's mascot.
2. The arrowhead is the logo of the school where our cadets meet.

Color Heraldry:

1. Light Grey: Signifies the excellence that our unit portrays.
2. Red: In remembrance of those who have fallen for our great nation.
3. Black: Represents the strength of our squadron's bond.
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